Hello, and welcome.

My name is Sam.

A few years ago, I folded one thousand origami cranes.

Around the same time, I became increasingly frustrated that more attention was given to criticising, vilifying and protesting the behaviours that we dislike. I wished, and still wish, that more attention could be given to celebrating and reinforcing the behaviours that we like.

I began gifting the one thousand origami cranes in celebration of everyday good deeds.

The first crane was gifted to an older gentleman who offered his seat to a pregnant woman on a train.

I have gifted over 500 cranes.

The 1000th crane is predicted to be gifted in late 2020.

Other people have started to gift cranes.

CraneBlog.Global exists to guide & encourage other people in gifting origami cranes.

I hope you find this website helpful.

Sam :)

Oh, and here are three crazy goals for Crane Blog Global

One million cranes  ·  Across this globe  ·  Two globes